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June 20, 2016

Luxury from Calgary, Shipping to Vancouver and beyond

Furniture isn’t just about something to put in your home. Furniture is about your lifestyle. And Vancouver is the place where lifestyle, diversity, and design meet when it comes to Canadians and their homes.

With a culture that speaks to building upon diversity, Vancouverites look far and wide to find unique pieces that match their individual lifestyles. This search has seen many Vancouverites drawn to Crave Furniture in Calgary because of our company’s foundation of offering great designs and diversity to match our clients’ lifestyles. Offering a number of styles, designers, and designer brands, Crave has listened to Vancouver’s request and are now shipping directly to our Vancouver clients.

Why Expand into Vancouver?

There is nothing small or mediocre about Vancouver. With more Vancouverites shopping for distinct and unique modern furniture designs, we wanted to provide an option outside of, but still spoke to who they are at their core. Specifically:

  • Their appreciation for aesthetics, beauty, high quality, and luxury products
  • The modern design and architecture of buildings
  • The high-end brands of clothing, furniture, and automobiles found across the city
  • The diversity of their population due to being located on a port  
  • Their multi-national heritage and expansive culture, which makes them great connoisseurs of functional designs

Innovation in Design

Unfortunately, while there are a lot of high-end furniture selections, as well as a lot of inexpensive furniture stores, the middle of the road for luxury design and pieces was no where to be found. While Crave offers a large selection of high-end pieces as well, it is the middle price that we excel in. The place where innovation, function, and value all come together that still meets the luxury lifestyle.


It becomes about more than shopping for a piece of furniture online. It becomes about finding the perfect modern design that fits your home. In particular, designer brands such as Eilersen and Gautier, and a number of up and coming Canadian designer brands as well, create pieces that, while beautiful, are also functional. Pieces that can be lived on, while still adding to the aesthetic of your home.

For instance, the designers we offer, take a simple TV stand, and transform it into a piece of wall art

Conversations – whether online, over the phone, or in person – become focused on:

  • Gathering your ideas,
  • Drafting a design concept that will work with your space and art,
  • Your environment purpose, and
  • So much more.

It becomes about creating innovative lifestyle solutions that appeal to your aesthetic tastes.

Sourced for Personality and Preference

When deciding on a piece for your home, know that you’re not limited to what’s on a company’s website. With Crave, we offer Expert Design Services. In fact, all our sales associates have interior design backgrounds and are trained in sourcing products – whatever you are looking for, we can find it! Sourcing from across the globe, we will help locate your furniture from fashion forward countries such as:

  • France
  • Portugal
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • The United States
  • Our very own Canada

By using your picture, dimensions, schematics and vision, we can find the furniture option to match your Vancouver home. It’s really just about a conversation.

If you’re interested in learning how we can ship a piece that meets your needs, come visit us in Calgary to enjoy the tax savings, or call us.

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