8 Smart Tips to Make Your Holiday Bash a Blast

December 2, 2013

Few things in life are more exciting, and (let’s be honest) sometimes more stressful, than hosting your loved ones for a holiday meal.  You’re planning a menu. Purchasing ingredients. Ordering taxis in preparation for Uncle Gary’s inevitable one-too-many. It’s a lot to manage.

But fear not, friends: In today’s post we’re going to be sharing our favourite holiday party tips that are sure to keep all your guests feeling jolly.

1. Choose a Theme. Never underestimate the power of a theme. Whether based on a colour, a design element, or a more general mood, choosing a theme will help to tie all your décor together into one seamless package.

2. Create an Interaction Infrastructure. Successful holiday parties begin with an environment that encourages conversation and fun between family and friends. Rearrange your furniture and seating to facilitate movement and mingling throughout the party. Having modular furniture in a living room allows you the freedom to rearrange according to your needs during the holidays.

3. Pull Unexpected Design Elements from the Future. One sure way to make your holiday bash stand out from the rest is to use next year’s biggest trends even before 2014 begins. New items that you purchase in this regard can then be used long after the holidays end.

Our favourite 2014 design trends are:

 Circular Features. Within a contemporary interior, adding a circular element can create warmth, and instantly make a room feel less conservative







Minimalism. Contrasting the opulence of the holidays with the simplicity of a minimalist approach is an excellent way to emphasize a conversation area or mantle.







 Bold Black and White. Geometric black and white references can easily take on a vintage vibe while still looking clean and contemporary.







Yellow! The colour for 2014 is undoubtedly yellow. It’s an unexpected colour for the holidays that has a big impact when added into a room in small burst!






4. Fawn Over Your Focal Point. Maybe it’s a gorgeous mantle over your fireplace or a warm conversation area in the den. Whatever the focal point of the room, don’t be afraid to dress it up. Choose bold accessories in accordance with your theme.

5. Welcome Guests in Style. Decorating your entranceway will make an impact from the moment guests arrive. Modern entrance furniture can be configured to provide a space for a signature cocktail to be given out as each guest comes through the door. And as we all know, drink in hand = happy guest.

6. Lighting is Key. The perfect lighting solutions are often achieved through a combination of interior lighting elements. Consider using your home ceiling lighting in conjunction with a beautiful table lamp and the glow of your Christmas tree. Play around to find the lighting solution perfect for your party.

7. Seating, Seating, Seating! Not only does everyone need a chair at the table, but it’s also essential to provide enough seating in the conversation areas before the meal. Modern dining room tables and chairs are often modular, allowing you to customize a seating arrangement according to your needs.

8. Provide a Parting Gift. The ultimate host thinks ahead to the days after the party and finds a way to extend the holiday cheer. Providing guests with a little present to take along with them is an excellent way to go the extra mile for your loved ones.

With these tips in hand, we’re confident that your holiday party will be both merry and bright. From the team at Crave Furniture, we’d like to wish you a very happy holiday season. See you in 2014!

What’s the best holiday event you’ve ever been to? What makes that event stand out in your mind?



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