The entrance to your home sets the tone for your entire living space, greeting your guests and giving them a favourable first impression while welcoming them into your personal domain. 

In addition to looking good and greeting company, the entrance has another job - handling the comings and goings of your busy family: caching coats and boots, holding incoming shopping and outgoing mail, storing keys and leashes and umbrellas and more.  With so much to do – often in a small area – the entrance is one of the hardest working spaces in your home!

Crave has a fabulous selection of entrance furniture that is designed to work 24/7, and look great doing it.  Smart, elegant entrance tables that pack a lot of surface in a small footprint.  Multi-function hall units that offer storage and display space.  Sensible benches and ottomans in an abundance of styles.  Stylish accent chairs and spacious armoires. And of course –mandatory in any entrance – mirrors, mirrors, for the wall.

So make a statement that’s all your own.  Let Crave’s design experts help you create the perfect combination of style and function to craft an entrance you’ll be proud of with every person you welcome to your home.