In no other area of your home do the two concepts of style and comfort come together so intimately as in your living room.  It is at once both a statement of your personal style and an expression of your personality – and at the same time a warm, welcoming space that invites friends and visitors in to enjoy your company. 

The traditional centrepiece of the living room is the sofa, but our selection is anything but traditional.  From meticulously-crafted Italian-designed leather sofas to cool contemporary sectionals that shape-shift to match your mood, Crave has creative sofa and sectional solutions for every kind of living room.  Our world class suppliers include:

Eilersen - This world renowned Danish furniture maker is famous for both its innovative contemporary sofa and seating designs and for its old-world hand-made quality.  Luxuriously deep and comfortable, an Eilersen sofa can truly be considered a work of modern art and a possession to be cherished.  Crave is honoured to offer its customers furniture from this world class company.  Learn more about Eilersen here.

Calia Italia – Founded in 1965 in Matera, Italy, Calia Italia has become one of the world’s best known manufacturers of sofas, sofa-beds and armchairs.  Calia Italia blends time honoured Italian traditions of leather working and furniture design with contemporary European aesthetics to create stunning living room furniture that looks at home anywhere in the world. Crave offers a range of Calia Italia living room pieces, in both leather and fabric.  Learn more about Calia Italia here.




To complement your seating, Crave offers a fantastic selection of coffee and end tables that are as practical as they are pretty, with clever storage and shelving ideas built right into their sleek designs.  Complete the arrangement with a buffet or sideboard, bookcases, occasional chairs and more – you’ll find inspirations for them all at Crave.